Welcome to my website. Allow me introduce myself: my name is Lisette Kühne and I am a specialist in workplace health management and organizational health. As a certified workplace health manager my focus is on the well-being of the employees in companies and the health of organizations. As of course you know, healthy employees are a benefit to your organization – in all respects.

Lisette Kühne BGM

I offer

Take a good look at your organization and ask yourself what it is that the organization and you yourself currently need most. It might be a skilled professional consultation about the health of the organization as a whole or health promotion training. Or would you perhaps best be served by coaching sessions to promote both your own personal growth and health and that of your staff?

Contact me, I would be pleased to hear from you and answer all your questions – fast, in detail and with no obligation – so that we can stake out the right course for you from the start.

Sincerely yours,
Lisette Kühne