Workplace and Organizational Health Management

Would you like to increase the productivity of your enterprise and the job satisfaction and performance of your workforce? Would you like to reduce the absenteeism and fluctuation among your staff due to sickness and other reasons?

Or would you simply like to have a healthy and profitable organization?

As a certified workplace health manager I offer you a full range of services: 

WHM consultancy oriented towards your key operating figures

You have your eye on your company’s financial goals, while mine is on the health of your employees. Together we can develop a health architecture for your enterprise that enhances both productivity and quality.

To achieve your goals we will always work through the following process:

Examination and assessment
of existing data,
Description of the current situation

Establishment of the
figures relevant
for management

Goal definition

Selection of the
appropriate tools of analysis



and evaluation
of the measures

and implementation
of measures

Comparison of actual and target performance,
Calculation of the ROI

Readjustment if necessary

Determination of

Evaluation of the measures,
Comparison with the defined
operating figures




Integration in organizational structures and processes